The door is open but nobody is home

Back on 7 April I tweeted:

In Christchurch, when the doors are open it doesn’t mean anyone is home & it probably means the home soon won’t be here.

I linked to this photo:

And today (16 April) it was true for 849 Colombo Street and its neighbours, only the pretty fuschias and the fence still on show.

It’s a brutalist brutalist brutalist world

Miles WarrenAs the Dorset Towers are now rubble, and the Crowne Plaza skeletal, The Press has looked at Warren and Mahoney’s work in the article Quake destroys architects’ legacy.

I lived very much in the belly of the Brutalist beast – living around the corner from Sir Miles’  first significant work –  the Dorset Street flats – and working at the Central Library.

Once before the earthquakes, I contemplated tracking the Warren and Mahoney universe I saw each day – Dorset Street Flats, Dorset Towers, their office on Victoria Street, the Crowne Plaza, the Town Hall, the Central Library.

I can’t say that I loved the style – but the monumentality of it makes that redundant. These are strong, grounded buildings, claiming the space with purpose. The Town Hall I think is the apotheosis of their style  – the luxurious interior and soaring spaces work with  brutalist elements to make a successful marriage.


Crowne Plaza


Dorset Towers

Knights in white satin: Sister Jukebox

Colour me amazed that there isn’t a band called Knights in White Satin. There damn well should be.

You need this song in your life. It is OTT pop bombast at its apotheosis:
Nights in White Satin: The Moody Blues.

My sister’s imaginary video for this song might well include Michael Fassbender in a suit of armour. And, for a dash more music video literalism, some rolling round on white satin sheets.

Sister Jukebox goes biggie bigs

This. Because I adore Dan Black. and HYPNTZ  is Biggie big. Plus we both loved that Notorious movie about Biggie too.

Need you now by Cut  Copy

And Midnight City by M83 because it is an epic swoonfest, possibly my song of the year. And yeah it has sexyphone break. Listening to this while looking at Christchurch quake damage is quite overwhelming, especially when they say “The city is my church”

For my sisterbella xxx



Sister Jukebox: Love Reyne down on me

James Reyne. I’ve picked Fall of Rome as opposed to more well known Aussie Crawl number ‘Reckless’ for the nice guitar and vocal grind.

On re-watching the vid, I realise I had no idea he was wearing a white skivvy and a vest, visible white socks and boat shoes – and a mullet. 1987 ow.

Of course, us gals would prefer the tennis-shorted Reyney from Return to Eden – more snaky and lizard-like – the real Gordon Gekko.