You’ll just have to trust me that the following descriptions are true. It will sound like I am exaggerating, but I’m not. Karaoke competition finale last night. The stars were out and the highlights were:

  1. She looked splendid with a towering bright red beehive. Her 2nd outfit of the evening (I didn’t know you changed outfits for each song, but all of the competitors did) was a purple sequin number, split right up, oh yes riiggght up, fishnets, boots, bingo wings. And she sung “Burning love”. By the time she got to “hunka hunka burning love” I think I lost consciousness …
  2. A mullet. But not just any mullet. It was v long, and festooned with glitter …
  3. Speaking of which, I have never seen so much sparkle and sequins in one place. Even the men wore shirts so shiny they’d blind you at 40 paces.
  4. He was over 50 and she, well, of indeterminate age. With white blonde hair and equally white tight trousers. They cut a rug, she curled her leg around him, there was murder on dancefloor, eyes averted. Dirty dancing ahoy
  5. I forgot how cool the karaoke videos in the background are. One featured a lovely blonde woman leaning against the wall with a meaningful smile, and then laughing kissing her teddy bear and throwing it in the air.
  6. The Welshmen arrived. Big and brawny boys from the Valley.

Speaking of which – Town is ahumming with Red fever. I have never seen so many tourists in Chch or people wearing the same outfits and travelling in packs.

I’ve another shameful addiction to add to the long long list. If “Big Brother” is on I find myself immobilised, even though I know the housemates are feral.

Adios amigos and amigettes