Gene was one of the bands that came out round the time of Britpop.
Love their work. Martin Rossiter was in that lovely purple Morrissey/Oscar Wilde vein.


Your love it lies lyrics:

Given time and a cheap dark room
And I will show you
All the love and wonder
You could buy.
This town lies calm
the low sun climbs
And if you give me time
I’ll take you in my arms
and tend you like a vine
but i’m left wanting more.

Ivanhoe pics
It is a worry, but the supreme beacon of all that is enticingly masculine is Sam Neill as Brian de bois Guilbert in “Ivanhoe”. The lovely Anthony Andrews is a fine Ivanhoe, but the bad boy Brian is brooding and looks wonderful in chain mail. His penchant for tying up girlfriends and setting them on fire is less pleasing. Especially considering my heroine Rebecca is Olivia Hussey.

If I could choose to look like anyone, I would have a tough time deciding between her or Audrey Hepburn.

BTW, Ciaran Hinds as Brian in tv version is also one hot tamale.