Prob my fave source of booky info is The Guardian. A good source of fiction and non-fiction. I want to read Tristram Shandy after this:
“Uncle Toby, a retired army captain and innocent abroad, is obsessed with the war of the Spanish succession, in which he served. Though the gentlest of men, he dedicates himself to recreating the siege of Namur (where he was wounded “in the groin”) on the bowling green behind the house. In one of the novel’s characteristic episodes, he offers to show the predatory Widow Wadman where he was wounded. Blushing fiercely, she accepts, only to have her finger placed at just the right point on a map of the Netherlands”

And this on John Peel – Margrave of the Marshes, by John Peel and Sheila Ravenscroft
“the Bay City Rollers gig at which Tony Blackburn was escorted across a lake by a Womble (‘Look on this and marvel,’ Peel murmured to Johnnie Walker at the time)”