Have ordered some tees from Palmer Cash
for moi
for Sarah
Moata has this one. Word.

Very busy weekend. 2 fabulous birthday dinners, Fraser and Tim’s Joint celebrations atWinnie Bagoes/Bicycle Thief on Sat night and Cabbage Tree and Emma’s on Sunday. Where I won the scrabble! A rare moment of glory, a very close and high scoring game. My highlight was “Apogees” – a score of 83 (it used all the letters). And Australia got beaten by SA at cricket so joy all round.

If I get a dog, I would quite like one of these.

I watched Showgirls. One of those crap classics I have always meant to watch. Elizabeth Berkley is the worst actress ever, putting on amateur theatric hysterics, but it was bloody entertaining. Kyle MacLachlan is all floppy fringe and siftiness. Do watch it. Alices has it.

Ka kite ano