Dolly news: the Gothic Lolita Cassandra Black is back in production so have ordered one. And have ordered my first non-Petite. Tea for Two encore …

Also excited that Grand Prix is back. Wilkommen and kia ora to Kimi and the boys. Bahrain Grand Prix threw up some new things – Nico Rosberg (son of Keke), return of tyre changes (hallelujah), Ferrari back in form, etc etc. It sucks that it is on Sky but Mum and Dad are kindly taping it for me and stickin it in letterbox.

Check this out: luvvie actor Alan Cumming has launched a fragrance Cumming. Genius. View the ad. It is mentioned on my fave perfume site Bois de Jasmin – see their article on fame and perfume and a fabulous look at dark fragrances.

Funny news item – the dumbass Yank who stole Richie McCaw’s photo to promote himself in the dating arena.

Ka kite ano my pretties.