Sometimes music really is a soundtrack to your life …
2 utterly coincidental moments recently. Making my way to work very tentatively on a frosty icy morning, What was in my headphones? “Slide Away” Oasis. Ahem. And the next day, when plagued by a nasty eye eczema thingie what was I serenaded with? “Ole Red Eyes is Back” by The Beautiful South. Now that is just bloody spooky.

Now have a turntable at home! Thanks to the ever able and talented SS for setting it up so it runs through my pc AND stereo. Am indulging myself by listening to all my old vinyl. Currently “Neil’s Heavy Concept Album” is on. It rocks, especially “Lentil Nightmare”. Have listened to Cheap Trick, Donna Summer, and Gothic (freaky soundtrack album – the movie starred Gabriel Byrne as that sexiest of motherfuckers Lord Byron – very louche in a velvet dressing gown and pot belly – Alices has it)

Have also got myself a myspace Grumble, grumble, but means I can check out some music and stuff. Have entreated Nick Cave and ABC’s Martin Fry to make me their friend … and it did mean I got to make some fun lists of movies etc.

Currently reading “Ava Gardner” – what a fabulous creature. A good read.
If you like Hollywood bios or autobios, one of my favourite movie star books is Lulu in Hollywood by the sleek 20s icon Louise Brooks. Do read it.