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I wanted to do a photo shoot of the Blythes at the window in the rain but it wasn’t that easy and I tried using the mirror in the sunroom. Nice. It made them look like little spooky levitators.

Am deeply absorbed in watching Deadwood. Genius. A whole dirty world of cocksuckers.
Just finished reading The Machine’s Child by Kage Baker, another installment in her Company series. A bloody good read as ever.
But oh the disappointment of the next book I picked up. Mark L Danielewski wrote the divinely spooky House of Leaves and I was stoked to read he has written another book. But shit it is unreadable. Oh well, will move on to the Adam Ant autobiography. I got booted out of art class in 1981 for going buck wild to his theme song “Antmusic”. Go the dandy highwayman!