Yes the new James Bond rocks … great locations, proper action rather than lameo CGI, and eyes like blue lasers.

but wait there is more:
Noir is a hotbed of temptation once more. The Hedy dress – is tagged as a “saucy wee dress in a fabulous eggplant shade. Perfect for the naughty librarian in you!” Yes please!

And on the topic of things strumpety, Amazon now sells shoes, and they have a rather tasty range of fetishy ones from Spike Angel that includes some for the bad ballerina in every girl.

Other News:

  • There was a question on “Who wants to be a millionaire” about the Walloons. And look, it’s those dang Walloons again.
  • Ralph Fiennes is in Sydney doing Samuel Beckett season.
  • Library career romances – thanks to MT. The Loveliest Librarian sounds particularly wonderful: Since she had decided to take the job as library assistant at the college’s huge old main library, Katie had met and made many lifetime girl friends, had acquired an apartment with color TV and a tiny balcony, bought and paid for a used red Porsche, and had been in and out of love—all within the brief space of seven months. The light changed, and Katie walked briskly across the main street. Decidedly beautiful, Katie carried with her that continued air that lovely girls often do. Katherine Anne Dugan had long ago realized that being pretty helped her to be a better librarian, actually stimulating interest in learning and reading.
  • Germaine Greer lets rip once again. Gotta love her
  • Freaks by LFO – song & video both great. A little freaky dancing by Japanese schoolgirls.