The gang has got bigger with the arrival of “St Chocolov” and “Feel the Sky”

Having fun listening to music and blogging on this lovely sunny day. Having itunes sorted means lotsa music.

Was equally sunny yesterday and I got sunburned shoulders while sitting in Botanic Gardens listening to SS DJ by the Futuro. Had a nice time chatting and watching impromptu capoeira performance. And fabulous music too.

This week’s revelation include the discovery of the new Grinderman song “No Pussy Blues”:

woo hoo!

heard the best new song in the universe last night

“no pussy blues” by grinderman (nick cave’s new band)

My face is finished, my body’s gone.
And I can’t help but think standin’ up here in all this applause and
gazin’ down at all the young and the beautiful.
With their questioning eyes.
That I must above all things love myself.

I saw a girl in the crowd,
I ran over I shouted out,
I asked if I could take her out,
But she said that she didn’t want to.

I changed the sheets on my bed,
I combed the hairs across my head,
I sucked in my gut and still she said
That she just didn’t want to.

I read her Eliot, read her Yeats,
I tried my best to stay up late,
I fixed the hinges on her gate,
But still she just never wanted to.

I bought her a dozen snow-white doves,
I did her dishes in rubber gloves,
I called her Honeybee, I called her Love,
But she just still didn’t want to. She just never wants to.

I sent her every type of flower,
I played her guitar by the hour,
I patted her revolting little chihuahua,
But still she just didn’t want to.

I wrote a song with a hundred lines,
I picked a bunch of dandelions,
I walked her through the trembling pines,
But she just even then didn’t want to. She just never wants to.

I thought I’d try another tack,
I drank a litre of cognac,
I threw her down upon her back,
But she just laughed and said that she just didn’t want to.

I thought I’d have another go,
I called her mah little O,
I felt like Marcel Marceau
must feel when she said that she just never wanted to. She just didn’t
want to.

I got the no pussy blues.

Goddam Mr Nick Cave, I bow, I curtsey … listen to it here. The album is out next month. As is the Bendon sports bra “Extreme Out” that goes up to a G cup but that’s another story. And Formula One.

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ok, back to snoop dogg …