Recent web nuggets, literary and otherwise:

  • Those nauseating Anchor Family ads are now on YouTube. Thanks for telling us Spare Room. Part of NZ culture.
  • Dan Rhodes’s top 10 short books – Was happy to see a list from my favourite writer appear on The Guardian. He is just so clever and appealing, check this out:
    “The Bride Wore Black by Cornell Woolrich” – His name makes him sound like a range of cardigans, but Cornell Woolrich was in fact a writer of highly-wrought suspense fiction, this one being a fine example. In his 1948 book Rendezvous In Black, the main character is called Johnny Marr, and at one point he has a fight with a man called Morrissey. A must-read for Smiths fans.”
    Dan IS the man.
  • Works like a charm– Jonathan Franzen’s is a squeaky chair, Jane Smiley’s a hot bath, Douglas Coupland’s chocolate chips … writers reveal what gets their creative juices flowing.
  • Keats biopic should be Romantic, not romanticised – I’m worried that Jane Campion’s Keats biopic will play up to the sickly stereotypes of the garret-dwelling poet.
  • Race to Size Zero – yup they all want to be pins.
  • Cole retains his British cool – had to search on Lloyd Cole after seeing him live at Al’s Bar.
  • How to make a good comeback – Tim de Lisle
    “The answer, my friend, isn’t always blowing in the wind. Sometimes it’s on another record. In 1984, the fey Glasgow-based indie guitar band Lloyd Cole and the Commotions released a song called Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken? Twenty-two years later, the fey Glasgow-based indie guitar band Camera Obscura have released a single called Lloyd, I’m Ready to Be Heartbroken. It hasn’t made the charts, but it has been played 100,000 times on Camera Obscura’s MySpace page. It’s a suitable fate for Lloyd Cole, who couldn’t write a song in his youth without mentioning one of his heroes (“read Norman Mailer/or get a new tailor”), and it’s a fine song in its own right, with a chorus like an ice cream on a hot day.”

Newest Petites:
“Dainty Biscuit” and “Care free tee”, plus limited edition “Lavender Love”