Check out some of our Aucklandy adventures at the Writers and Readers Festival. Had a fabulous busy time, enjoyed seeing such legends as Richard E. Grant and Tim Winton.

In momentary “down time” had a mini spree on music and foot garb. Queen Street, my base for the Festival, has just got a JB Hi Fi. Highly recommended for the sheer quantity of their stuff – they definitely cater for “the long tail”. I go mad in the various JB Hi Fis in Melbourne and this new shop was just as good.
My booty:

  • David Sylvian “Secrets of the Beehive”
  • Feargal Sharkey
  • “Mashed”
  • “The Trip” Dirty Vegas
  • endtroducing DJ Shadow (for Shane) and a Star Wars soundtrack with super duper hologram cover

And Auckland’s predeliction for interesting shoe shops – with footwear from Hong Kong, Korea, and China mostly – plays right onto my feet.

Red patent mary janes
Chocolate wedges with furry ankle strap
Hot pink boots
Purple bedazzled courts