I am rather fond of this nutbar Ascot hat. It probably helps that the girl wearing it is chocolate box lovely …

calls to mind Christopher Marlowe – “all they that love not tobacco and boys are

Been watching the Royle Family – check out some of their choicest bon mots:
Dave Best: ‘Ey, I’m rough today me me guts are well off, I had a bad pint last night.
Jim Royle: I bet you washed them down with a few more, though, didn’t you.
Antony Royle: How d’ya know if its a bad pint?
Dave Best: Cos you can shit through the eye of a needle.
Jim Royle: Where did you go?
Dave Best: Pear tree.
Jim Royle: Bloody hell, you don’t wanna drink in there.
Dave Best: Well, I know that now, don’t I?
Jim Royle: Bloody hell, He doesn’t clean his pumps him.
Antony Royle: No, actually the lagers all right.
Jim Royle: How would you know, soft lad?
Antony Royle: Dad, I’m 15.
Jim Royle: ‘Ey! listen if I ever catch you in The Feathers I’ll clip you round the bloody ear, you do not shit on your own doorstep!
Dave Best: I nearly did last night, I couldn’t get the key in quick enough.

Pimp names – Mine is Fine Ass donna Slither & Shane is Pimptastic shane Trump. Fo sho.

Hot t-shirts – yup it is a perennial theme. I am taken with Threadless. Particularly:
Communist Party, Meat is Murder and Chinese Peaches.

I think I better check this out if just to see young George Michael from Arrested Development again.

Yet another intriguing graphic novel.

Of course Sapphire and Steel is on Wikipedia.

I like Tulip’s perfume Commes des Garcons – what ingredients! Cardamom Oil, Coriander Oil, Geranium Oil, Nutmeg Oil, Cinnamon Bark Oil, Clovebud, Labdanum essence, Styrax, Cedarwood, Cut Hay, Olibanum essence, Black Pepper, Sandalwood, Rose, Honey. No wonder it smells so fracking good!

Last but not least, my attempt at a LOLCat