It’s time for business
that’s why they’re called business socks
(Flight of the Conchords)

Ah Bret and Jemaine how we love thee.

I love Irregular Choice shoes, they are so eccentric, quirky and cute. Some are like mad little sculptures. Plus they have a Blythe range.
One of my faves from this season’s range – Prom Princess – very Marie Antoinette:

Loving Simon Schama’s Power of Art. Last Sunday’s episode was on Bernini, who I knew for his Ecstasy of St Theresa, but didn’t know much about his life: “He was revered in his time until a jealous rage caused him to have the face of his mistress slashed after discovering her romance with his brother. His reputation fell further after his bell towers for the Cathedral of St Peter’s started cracking in 1641. He redeemed himself and kick started his career again with arguably his most famous work, The Ecstasy of St Theresa, in 1652.” Schama is an amazing presenter and if you can watch this, read the book, buy the dvd … do it.

Proof positive of cannibalistic incestuous blogging?
Blonde at the Bar in the NZ Herald VS Ask Sam, another blonde at The Age. What is it with the dearth of originality in these shitey “relationship, Sex and the City” blogs?

Return of the Mack!
Happy news! Bois de Jasmin and other perfume bloggers are reporting the relaunch of L’Interdit. I so so loved that perfume, it had a powdery femininity and grace. I lived in this stuff until they reformulated and messed it up.

Also coming soon: A new Thursday Next book by Jasper Fforde – FIRST AMONG SEQUELS

My sister in London published in thelondonpaper