Gorby, cos he is still cool, if not 4real

SPOILER ALERT – GO NO FURTHER IF YOU ARE READING THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: Harry Potter t-shirt – potentially the most annoying t-shirt in Christendom.

Good analysis of the J Horror genre of which I am surprisingly into (considering I used to refuse watching horrors). I have the first Tomi out for this week’s watching.

Eagle vs Shark – do the quiz. I am a SHARK.

Charlie Brooker rox as does BoingBoing

For the anime lovers – I also love how at the top of the page it says “Greetings guest! members can rogu in here. Having problems rogging in”.

Upcoming bra revolution? – long long time coming. Bring in the engineers – it is all about cantilevers etc.

The Fragrant Gourmet – just because it smells like delicious food, doesn’t mean you can’t wear it.

Oddments of High Unimportance

I want to buy a paperdoll that I can call my own

Simon Pegg is bringing sexy back, to a Fratellis soundtrack!!