Hiro, heroes and heroines

This week’s croplet of goodies:

Holy Moly Ts now include some for fans of the show “Heroes”. Hooray for Hiro.

The Guardian’s Poetry Workshop – good opportunity to practice your poetry and get feedback

Au Contraire – interview with my heroine Vivienne Westwood:

Her manifesto, for all the hyperbole, is really just a call for people to watch less television, read more books and buy fewer luxury items. It’s not loopy at all. “Of course, they will say, ‘What is she doing, she’s selling a designer collection, how can she be against consumption?’ Well, you have to consume things, of course, you have to live, you have to eat. And I’m not saying don’t go to the discotheque, they can do that. I’m just saying go less, do other things.” She sighs. “It’s so much to tackle.”

I emailled them about the possible reintroduction of L’Interdit and this was what I got (the next day natch):

From: Audrey L Of Givenchy CONSUMERSERVICE
Sent: Wednesday, 1 August 2007 9:52 pm

Subject: L’Interdit

Dear Ms DMR,

I follow up to your email dated August 01 where in you informed us about your disappointment to not find anymore L’Interdit.

First of all we would like to thank you for your fidelity to Parfums Givenchy for many years.

L’Interdit belongs to Givenchy’s mythical fragrances. For this reason, Parfums Givenchy decided to bring out this mythical fragrance in a new packaging as from November 2007. Thus you will have the possibility to find the beloved perfume of the shelves of your usual stores at the end of this year.

Unfortunately, there is no more L’Interdit left in our stock, so I cannot send you a bottle to help you to wait for its return. But, I invite you to go to your usual store to discover all our new perfumes and hope that you will find a fragrance that will help you to wait for L’Interdit. Maybe you will appreciate another scent from our Range. You can maybe discover or rediscover what we called the “Classics” as Amarige or Ysatis. Or perhaps our new perfume for women Amarige Mariage will satisfy you with its warm scent!

We stay at your disposal if you need further information: feel free to contact us at this email address (consumerservice@parfumsgivenchy.fr)

We thank you once again for your confidence in Parfums Givenchy and to share with us those emotions.

Assuring you always of our best attention

Yours Faithfully,


Sod you Mr Al Stewart and your paltry Year of the Cat, next year might be Year of the SPUD

Superheroes need rescuing from sexism says Ned Beauman on The Guardian blogs.

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