My colleague Simone makes the most delicioso Afghans. No need for wussy icing or walnuts when you make them with Valrhona Dutch cocoa. So very very good.

Of course, when I pop in to buy said cocoa at Aji, I have to try some of their Schoc chocolate. The lime and chili is … gaaahhhh!! beyootiful and your tongue will be in paroxyms of pleasure. yes yes yyeeeeessss!

Other guilty pleasures:

  • Dai Henwood
  • Paul Henry
  • Duran Duran
  • New Weekly
  • Badass sweet sweet wine
  • Socks with lacy tops like I wore at my first communion
  • Cats in outfits (a la Miss Glamourpuss)

Shame is an outmoded construct.