Threadless – there is always something wonderful to salivate over. And this music snob one is a gem.

We had to write a story for a seminar @ work. Here is mine:

At my high school although sports was important, we also had an annual Eisteddfod which was quite a big deal. An Eisteddfod is a competitive festival, mainly of choral singing, originating from the medieval gatherings of Welsh bards. Many are held in Wales and by Welsh communities abroad. I’m not sure why St Peter’s College, a Catholic school in Gore had one, maybe we had had some Welsh priests in the past.

Most people had a bash at it – And there was a House folk song competition so everyone had to participate.

I have lots of good memories. My sister Barbara and I were keen competitors and both had a go winning “the best in show” in consecutive years. There were prepared speech, solo, duet with my sister, group singing … a gang of us did a doowop rendition of something called “song of the single girl”.

My brother Jon (who can’t sing but is really good at sports) sung Ebony and Ivory with his mate Ryan Tattersfield) and the theme from MASH for solo.

Song choice was usually to the emotional end of the spectrum. I did “you light up my life” debby boone and “evergreen” barbra streisand – that long last note is a kicker. One year I wanted to sing “Give me the night” by George Benson but I was banned because of adult content.

I can remember singing Fernando with my sister. We were quite a duet team and one year even entered the famed Gold Guitars singing (I think)
The Happy Wanderer –
I love to go a-wandering,
Along the mountain track,
And as I go, I love to sing,
My knapsack on my back.
My knapsack on my back.

We wore red sweatshirts and tights, denim minis and white skellerup commandoes.