New French cancan saucepot Blythe. Plus there is a newbie for the upcoming Chinese New Year.

Muse at Westpac Trust last Sunday – sublime, Matt Bellamy was sheer energy and genius in motion. Beautiful. Big ups to “Time is running out”.

<a href="
036896951.html”>New Trinny and Susannah – body shape stuff again.

Bad Sex Awards – Norman Mailer wins.

Times article on Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf – singer, composer, fashion muse, heart-throb, perhaps pop’s next wunderkind – is so so gaudily beautiful, so sweetly puppyish, all 6ft 4in of him, in his camel-coloured sweater, denim lederhosen with silver braces, over-the-knee socks and locks the colour of a Wham bar, that it seems a shame (not to mention impossible) to ask him to calm down.

Marilyn Monroe
Plus have Blythe Christmas ensemble on order