And lo, I checked my email and found all this enjoyable STUFF:

  • The best Youtube of the year – all managers should be watching:
  • Happy news for Dux beer lovers: Dux Lager and Ginger Tom are the first of the Dux Beers to hit supermarket shelves – available now at: Fresh Choice Barrington, Fresh Choice Merivale, Fresh Choice Parklands, Fresh Choice Avonhead, New World Halswell and Pak n Save Riccarton. I’ve already bought some Ginger Tom. mmmMMMMMMmm
  • The Age reports on <a href="
    740163920.html”>the new beauty myth and a related posting on cost of beauty maintenance and a dumbass called Tab Safran who opined that British women are shabby dogs. And then he came up with this rebuttal Oh please, you lard-butt British frumps have got off too lightly. Charmer.
  • Richard Hammond’s hair beats James May’s. But of course.
  • Belle and Sebastian. Just because.
  • <a href="
    ca.html”>Musical exhibitions to attract you to Melbourne. Including Nicholas Cave.
    Tim Walker photo
    As usual The Sunday Times Style mag and The Times Online are laden with goodies:
  • The Dreamcatcher – Tim Walker’s evocations of English beauty and quirkiness are sublime. Here’s a selection
  • Behind the scenes of the new Dr Who Christmas special starring Kylie
  • French Pres Sarkozy is dating Carla Bruni.

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