Blythey Easter
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Hope y’all had a Good Friday and a happy Easter.
I bought an old-school icing egg for myself, to take pics of it … course I have eaten it all now.

Had a lovely family Easter, ultra enhanced by having my sister Sarah visiting from London.

Also loved ploughing through Series 2 of The Wire. It is up there with The Sopranos.

And before that it was The Librarians from Aussie. Very clever, and you don’t have to be a librarian to love it, but damn it doesn’t hurt. I loved the dour librarian telling off a patron for looking at dubious stuff on the internet. “It just popped up” he claims. “Well just pop it down again” says grumpy librarian.

In other recent news, over at Flickr I’ve been having fun taking photos of my reading piles tagged “What I’m reading”.

And here are the lovely bespectacled Eggner brothers, posters of whom seem to be taking over the town.