… cos it snowed here yesterday. Lovely jubbly.

Seen lately on the interweb:
Style PS – a new style blog courtesy of my favourite, Sunday Times Style. Meerkats as the latest fashion accessory? (check the date before you protest). Their style section featured a slide show of floral dresses including this delicious Paul Smith t-shirt dress. Adore it. They also report that cologne is making a comeback.

Gawker reports on a musical version of Evil Dead. Hm. Nice posters though.

This book cover reminded me how much I love Victorian artist Frederic Lord Leighton. The painting Flaming June also graced the cover of Malcolm McLaren’s Waltz Darling.

Tamsin Cooper – beautiful embroidery, velvets, flowers, brooches, it’s all just lovely luxury.

FOUND magazine – “they collect stuff like love letters, birthday cards, to-do lists, ticket stubs, poetry on napkins, telephone bills, doodles – anything that gives a glimpse into someoneelse’s life. Anything goes…”

Germaine Greer says Posh Spice is the Damien Hirst of dress.

Mr Hot Wookie recommends MUXTAPE. I haven’t managed to get it working for me yet but the concept is tight – share your muxtapes via the world wide interweb.

A nice flickr – Faber Books