Most coolest vids of the week:
The fingers

and the toes:

Love shoes? Indeedy do. Cute, colourful and not pricey.

The Guardian’s cool list – includes:

  • Isobel Campbell, formerly of Belle and Sebastian and now erstwhile collaborator with Mark Lanegan,
  • our beloved Santogold
  • Kiwi Sharon O’Neill a-like Ladyhawke.
  • Smoking indeed.

    9/11 third tower mystery ‘solved’ – fascinating stuff from the BBC

    Apocalypse Now:
    Top movie endings ever
    Countdown to the Apocalypse – a mixtape with the Four Horsemen on vibes
    Don’t fear (the reaper) – Blue Oyster Cult – gotta love the start of The Stand
    Consummation – Nina Simone
    Sly – Massive Attack
    Go into the water – Dethklok
    O Fortuna – Carl Orff
    (maybe a bit of Paul Lekakis – Boom boom boom …it works really nicely mashed with Girl Talk)