Oh this winter of our discontent, it’s so cold cold and long. Going to be -3 tonight.
Friggin flu is wearing me out. Fight the power with flowers. Dotti’s got this brooch/hair decoration and some lush floral frocks.

This gorgeous blog (Swedish?) was namechecked on Runway Reporter and is full of Spring-y delights. Including gypsophila in her hair and floral tights.

On the spring cleaning/decluttering/sprucing tip – loved the book Apartment Therapy and here’s the website. Christchurch City Libraries has the book (of course). Thanks to Joyce for the heads up on this one (and for knowing I would like the girlie kitsch apartment with its lashings of salmon pink and dolly displays).

Somewhere in the comments field at Public address was a reference to Hark! A Vagrant. The cartoons are pretty dang cute.

And the Olympics will always be entertainment plus, so long as there’s gymnastics. Usually I’m all about the floor but this time the pommel horse and beam have won me over. Respect.