My 201st post!!

Christchurch is doing public art for the SCAPE Biennial. There’s lots to enjoy – and here’s a few of my photos.

If you want more scenes of the street, well street fashion in particular, I’ve been enjoying The Sartorialist. It’s a joy.

As is Leunig, the genius cartoonist. Love him madly. This is my favourite, and you can get it on a t-shirt.

For bibliophiles, I have two goodies. A fab library featured in Wired (including a copy of my dream book the Kelmscott Chaucer). And the bibliochaise.

Music wise, I am in deep thrall to Amanda Palmer – she brings the drama, the passion, and her new concept album Who killed Amanda Palmer? knocks me out. Her web site is right styley too, and featured vids and the photo book done with Neil Gaiman.

Mercury Rev is also wonderful and at the moment you can join their mailing list and get the album Strange Attractor to download for free! Power to them. Their album (and NME’s 1998 album of the year) Deserter’s Songs is one of the stalwarts of my CD collection, could happily listen to it anytime. “All is dream” is luscious too. Huzzah!