You know how sometimes you find you’re unintentionally reading books with the same theme? I’ve stumbled on a couple of fan memoirs: Freddie and me: A coming of age (Bohemian) rhapsody by Mike Dawson and Dalek I Loved you by Nick Griffiths.

There’s something wonderfully funny and involving about fandom, it involves a suspension of shame, a willingness to throw yourself fully into something and not care how silly you look. It’s an innocent love (except for its darker stalkery cousin).

Mike Dawson’s memoir is a graphic novel, quite beautiful and resonant. His devoted fandom is a way into exploring his life, his family and his memories. And to tease his sister for her George Michael obsession … I’ve only just starred Griffiths, and it shows a keenness to dirty his feet in memories too.

Over on the Christchurch City Libraries blog, I’ve indulged in a bit of hero worship myself – of Mr Stephen Fry, and the concept album.