I usually prefer analog to digital watches, but the new Huffer store online could sway me. The Golden Olden is ultra chic.

Always big-upping The Wire … and here’s a version of the theme song Way down in the hole from MIA and Blaqstarr courtesy of The Guardian.

Johnny Marr discusses the new Smiths compilation

How come the supposedly best bottom in DA WORLD is spotty???

Let us spray from the Sunday Times Style. The new Stephen Jones/Comme des Garcons perfume sounds divine:

I wanted it to somehow smell like outer space and to be slightly space-agey — which is weird, coming from a hat maker, because even though we try to escape the past, the Queen Mother is our patron saint. So I wanted to have something modernistic, but still quite sweet and familiar. Eventually, I came up with the concept of a violet hit by a meteorite.” Of course he did. Housed in a black bottle inspired by a late 19th-century ink bottle, the fragrance — a blend of violet, cloves and mandarin — is, according to Jones, what the Comme des Garçons founder Rei Kawakubo said it should be: “Strong and beautiful; that is the way she describes Comme des Garçons’ fragrances.”