Since I added Feedjit to the blog I’ve been enjoying the joy of geography: Katy, Texas; Cote d’Azur; Milan; Sint-gillis-waas, Belgium; Chihuahua, Mexico; Oxford; Zurich; Brampton, Ontario; Chicago.

TiltshiftmakerOther things I’ve been enjoying the last wee while:

  • Thanks to Fraser for the heads up on Tiltshiftmaker. Here’s my attempt at modelising.
  • Baby shower fun
  • Thanks to Sar for my Wire tshirt
  • Filles Sourires – music blog. Fragile girls. Singing In French. Making Me Sigh. Any questions?:

    This year, Serge & Jane’s eponymous duet Je t’aime…moi non plus celebrates it’s 40th birthday. It’s also forty years since L’Année Érotique – 1969 is also the year I was born.

  • Jethro Cave – son of old Nick and very much a Gothic chip off the block. And in the genius gear of Hedi Slimane.
  • Teenage fashion bloggers.
  • Billy Childish. Discovered via the feverishly beautiful photography books of Tim Walker:

    we live in an age of great passing
    Many are passing from us now
    Wave to the animals we once knew
    The horn’d ones
    The slippery fish
    And the white bear

    Horror returns
    Horror smiles as it has always smiled

    Good bye saber-tooth tiger
    Good bye woolly rhino
    Good bye smiling whale
    Good by un classified insect
    In a fallen rain forest

    Millions die in a secret catalogue
    Of disasters
    All are disappearing
    Vanishing from the earth forever
    Thumbless spider monkeys
    wave good bye
    Snow leopard
    Moth and butterfly

    Horror returns
    smiles as it has always smiled