Sabrina gives it some hip and some hop

Sabrina gives it some hip and some hop

This time it’s all about the links, once I’ve been sitting on so to speak:

In music news:

A great addition to the genre of answer songs. Remember this one?

Eamon’s heartfelt plea of “eff it I don’t want you back” was answered by Frankee who gave it right back. Classy

Could this be the coolest author ever? I give you Matthew Reilly (thanks to the wonderful Guardian book blogs and their commenters)
“Reilly owns and drives a De Lorean, modified to have the driver’s seat on the right-hand side, one of only a few in Australia. He also has a life-size replica of Han Solo encased in carbonite”

Plus his books sound quite special:

Many of Reilly’s heroes are men with distinguishing features, three of them acquired during a previous life-defining experience; the exception, William Race, the hero of Temple, has a triangular birthmark on his cheek just under his left eye. Shane Schofield, nicknamed “Scarecrow”, the hero of Ice Station and its sequels Area 7, Hell Island and Scarecrow, bears two scars across his eyes from when he was captured by Bosnians, after his Harrier was shot down, during his interrogation. Stephen Swain, the main character of Contest, has a scar on his upper lip from when he confronted a gunman in the hospital where he worked. The Australian hero of Seven Ancient Wonders, Jack West Jr, has a bionic arm from when he was forced to plunge his hand through a wall of lava to escape a room.