Twitter. You have 140 characters with which to import your observation/discovery/opinion. Gotta love the pithiness.

Here’s some recent tweets:

Cover image from The Book Depository

  • What ho Pelham Grenville! New Year’s resolution: Read some P G Wodehouse
  • Jarvis time He wants to know a good Ryan Adams track – mine is ‘Harder now that it’s over’
  • Tapestry now: Demons, Yarns & Tales 
  • Audrey Hepburn is a DJ. Coolest tshirt I’ve seen in an epoch, as worn by the Herb Whisperer
  • Very sad news, the Company series is my favourite sci-fi. RT @thebookslut SF writer Kage Baker is very ill …
  • Wolf Hall is calling. Tudors & Stuarts such a fascinating time, and especially the great Elizabeth I vs Mary Queen of Scots. Battle Royale
  • Am ashamed to admit jeggings are kind of awesome & I think I will just damn the torpedoes and buy some. Toby jugs are great! I better stop watching this antique show before I become a collectrix
  • Bus ride to work? Inviting people to play cards, pointing out interesting landmarks on the journey – pushing your luck