My sister had the great plan of sharing some classic tunes with me via the interworldweb.
Her first playlist:

  • land of confusion – genesis
  • making me high – toni braxton
  • never take the place of your man – prince
  • mistadobalina – del the funkee homosapien
  • do the right thing – redhead kingpin
  • love thy will be done – martika

Alas we found¬†Spotify doesn’t work here in New Zealand, but there’s always Youtube.

My first selection for my lovely sis:

Ephraim Lewis – It can’t be forever. This one is seared into my memory – the combination of an intensely sung song, a voice that sweeps down to deep & dark territory, and a striking video. A quick spot of web research uncovers these two interesting pages:

  1. According to this article the song was written with Kevin Bacon (but not that one)
  2. and this feature tells a sad story about Lewis’ death.