Long time, no bloggy. But here at the kind prodding of @seanfish is another instalment of Sister Jukebox. I was thinking Duran Duran or Pulp since my lucky sister is seeing both in concert, and has just seen Paul Simon.

But I’ve been watching Saxondale with Steve Coogan. His partner Magz does these amazing kitsch provocative paintings of iconic females like the Brontes and Mary Queen of Scots, boobs bared, or in lingerie. Fantastic, but nowhere on the internet alas.

Somehow this made me think of Shakespeare (train of thought – iconic female, Joan of Arc, Bigmouth strikes again – The Smiths, Shakespeare’s Sister – The Smiths. And to this – Shakespear’s Sister: Siobhan Fahey and the corking Marcella Detroit:

Wikipedia here

Their song Stay was sent up nicely by French and Saunders. Gotta love the sparkly jumpsuit: