Balenciaga Me Baby

I read in my Sunday Times Style that the new Balenciaga perfume would be a right belter, a winner for 2010.

The Balenciaga review on The Scented Salamander is so utterly delectable it’s a novel encased in peach velvet, it’s a glove touching the cheek of Chuck Bass:

As I smell again the heart of the new Balenciaga Paris I think it might be it. Olivier Polge has recreated an aldehydic core which feels like an incursion into the past, the scent of an evening satin purse with a perfumed handkerchief in it. The perfume has that mustard-y, horseradish-like harshness of old-school aldehydes.

My desire to have my nose in intimate proximity to Balenciaga is snowballing.

Sunday’s stuff

I usually prefer analog to digital watches, but the new Huffer store online could sway me. The Golden Olden is ultra chic.

Always big-upping The Wire … and here’s a version of the theme song Way down in the hole from MIA and Blaqstarr courtesy of The Guardian.

Johnny Marr discusses the new Smiths compilation

How come the supposedly best bottom in DA WORLD is spotty???

Let us spray from the Sunday Times Style. The new Stephen Jones/Comme des Garcons perfume sounds divine:

I wanted it to somehow smell like outer space and to be slightly space-agey — which is weird, coming from a hat maker, because even though we try to escape the past, the Queen Mother is our patron saint. So I wanted to have something modernistic, but still quite sweet and familiar. Eventually, I came up with the concept of a violet hit by a meteorite.” Of course he did. Housed in a black bottle inspired by a late 19th-century ink bottle, the fragrance — a blend of violet, cloves and mandarin — is, according to Jones, what the Comme des Garçons founder Rei Kawakubo said it should be: “Strong and beautiful; that is the way she describes Comme des Garçons’ fragrances.”

There is a light (and it never goes out)

Well the Buskers have gone. Adios. I think juggling is soporific, but big loves to the gymnast and contortionists – you rule pretzel people and elastogirls.

La Carmina, the Gothic Lolita blog, has a posting on Marten Baas’s Gothic burned furniture.

SS and I were discussing the merits of the song Ode to Billy Joe by Bobbie Gentry. We were listening to a cover version by Sinead O’Connor. Which led on to trying to remember another sinister song about “down by the river” etc etc. Turns out we were thinking of this classic: “Hazard” by Richard Marx.

I have a theory – BURIAL = ROBBIE WILLIAMS. Possible??

Tuberose might just be the sexiest flower evah evah:

Tuberose signifies death, danger and pleasure. It’s slippery and ragged, glamorous and wild beyond measure, with not a skerrick of modesty. It’s the Francisco Goya of fragrance, like reading Charles Baudelaire or drinking aged sauternes. Roja Dove, a British perfume specialist, noted in The Independent newspaper that, “Tuberose is the most carnal of the floral notes. It smells like very, very hot flesh after you’ve had sex – that’s the bottom line.”



Just cos there is always room for poetry in life … I heart Threadless

Or you might want a tshirt that celebrates Festivus (it’s a Seinfeld thang).

A movie to lie down and … <a href="
rticle2903487.ece”>Lust, Caution by Ang Lee. Don’t imitate the sexual gymnastics unless you are in fact or a gymnast. Or a yoga devotee. Or a dabbler in contortionism.

I wrote a post on Japanese street fashion and came across this lovely blog Carmen Yuen – there is a <a href="
ORSE-BALLERINA-SHOES”>good post explaining the allure of the Vivienne Westwood Rocking horse ballerina shoe to the Gothic and Lolita crowd.
Gothic and LolitaFresh Fruits

Anyone venturing near the Hutt would do well to visit the New Dowse – taxidermied jewellery, fashion photography, and a showcase of 32 stunning avant-garde hats made by the world’s most adventurous milliner, Philip Treacy for his friend and muse, the late style-icon, Isabella Blow.

Was there ever a more apt URL – SOLO PASSION – Mr Perigo & his neocon mates give themselves a self congratulatory tug.

Apparently there is a tv show in Oz about Librarians. The web site is well worth a snoop, with quizzes and nifty effects.

One of my very favourite perfumes <a href="
ances/spirit_2_111_616.html”>L’Interdit is being relaunched. Wonder if it smells like the powdery heaven I remember. Another Givenchy one called Vetyver.
sounds intriguing …

And on a final arch romantic note, NZ Ballet is doin Romeo and Juliet next year. Love the Prokofiev music, one to save up for.

This week’s grab bag of goodies

Gorby, cos he is still cool, if not 4real

SPOILER ALERT – GO NO FURTHER IF YOU ARE READING THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: Harry Potter t-shirt – potentially the most annoying t-shirt in Christendom.

Good analysis of the J Horror genre of which I am surprisingly into (considering I used to refuse watching horrors). I have the first Tomi out for this week’s watching.

Eagle vs Shark – do the quiz. I am a SHARK.

Charlie Brooker rox as does BoingBoing

For the anime lovers – I also love how at the top of the page it says “Greetings guest! members can rogu in here. Having problems rogging in”.

Upcoming bra revolution? – long long time coming. Bring in the engineers – it is all about cantilevers etc.

The Fragrant Gourmet – just because it smells like delicious food, doesn’t mean you can’t wear it.

Oddments of High Unimportance

I want to buy a paperdoll that I can call my own

Simon Pegg is bringing sexy back, to a Fratellis soundtrack!!


I am rather fond of this nutbar Ascot hat. It probably helps that the girl wearing it is chocolate box lovely …

calls to mind Christopher Marlowe – “all they that love not tobacco and boys are

Been watching the Royle Family – check out some of their choicest bon mots:
Dave Best: ‘Ey, I’m rough today me me guts are well off, I had a bad pint last night.
Jim Royle: I bet you washed them down with a few more, though, didn’t you.
Antony Royle: How d’ya know if its a bad pint?
Dave Best: Cos you can shit through the eye of a needle.
Jim Royle: Where did you go?
Dave Best: Pear tree.
Jim Royle: Bloody hell, you don’t wanna drink in there.
Dave Best: Well, I know that now, don’t I?
Jim Royle: Bloody hell, He doesn’t clean his pumps him.
Antony Royle: No, actually the lagers all right.
Jim Royle: How would you know, soft lad?
Antony Royle: Dad, I’m 15.
Jim Royle: ‘Ey! listen if I ever catch you in The Feathers I’ll clip you round the bloody ear, you do not shit on your own doorstep!
Dave Best: I nearly did last night, I couldn’t get the key in quick enough.

Pimp names – Mine is Fine Ass donna Slither & Shane is Pimptastic shane Trump. Fo sho.

Hot t-shirts – yup it is a perennial theme. I am taken with Threadless. Particularly:
Communist Party, Meat is Murder and Chinese Peaches.

I think I better check this out if just to see young George Michael from Arrested Development again.

Yet another intriguing graphic novel.

Of course Sapphire and Steel is on Wikipedia.

I like Tulip’s perfume Commes des Garcons – what ingredients! Cardamom Oil, Coriander Oil, Geranium Oil, Nutmeg Oil, Cinnamon Bark Oil, Clovebud, Labdanum essence, Styrax, Cedarwood, Cut Hay, Olibanum essence, Black Pepper, Sandalwood, Rose, Honey. No wonder it smells so fracking good!

Last but not least, my attempt at a LOLCat