Sister Jukebox

Colour me amazed that there isn’t a band called Knights in White Satin. There damn well should be.

You need this song in your life. It is OTT pop bombast at its apotheosis:
Nights in White Satin: The Moody Blues.

My sister’s imaginary video for this song might well include Michael Fassbender in a suit of armour. And, for a dash more music video literalism, some rolling round on white satin sheets.


This. Because I adore Dan Black. and HYPNTZ  is Biggie big. Plus we both loved that Notorious movie about Biggie too.

Need you now by Cut  Copy

And Midnight City by M83 because it is an epic swoonfest, possibly my song of the year. And yeah it has sexyphone break. Listening to this while looking at Christchurch quake damage is quite overwhelming, especially when they say “The city is my church”

For my sisterbella xxx



James Reyne. I’ve picked Fall of Rome as opposed to more well known Aussie Crawl number ‘Reckless’ for the nice guitar and vocal grind.

On re-watching the vid, I realise I had no idea he was wearing a white skivvy and a vest, visible white socks and boat shoes – and a mullet. 1987 ow.

Of course, us gals would prefer the tennis-shorted Reyney from Return to Eden – more snaky and lizard-like – the real Gordon Gekko.

A lunchtime quickie for the Sister Jukebox.
Midge Ure and his lovely sideburns  and that cool pin thing. I had this on 45.

Long time, no bloggy. But here at the kind prodding of @seanfish is another instalment of Sister Jukebox. I was thinking Duran Duran or Pulp since my lucky sister is seeing both in concert, and has just seen Paul Simon.

But I’ve been watching Saxondale with Steve Coogan. His partner Magz does these amazing kitsch provocative paintings of iconic females like the Brontes and Mary Queen of Scots, boobs bared, or in lingerie. Fantastic, but nowhere on the internet alas.

Somehow this made me think of Shakespeare (train of thought – iconic female, Joan of Arc, Bigmouth strikes again – The Smiths, Shakespeare’s Sister – The Smiths. And to this – Shakespear’s Sister: Siobhan Fahey and the corking Marcella Detroit:

Wikipedia here

Their song Stay was sent up nicely by French and Saunders. Gotta love the sparkly jumpsuit:

Time for another thrilling installment of Sister Jukebox, sharing video music memories with my sister in London since way back.

My first introduction to Martika was on RTR or some other regular music show where they said (in overexcited tones):

  • Who’s name is 8 letters starting with M and ending with an A?
  • But it isn’t Madonna!
  • She’s going to be huge.

A bit of  a weird sales pitch. But I do remember thinking she had fantastic hair, all dark, glossy, short and swingy.

Back at school, we used to do re-enactments of the Easter and Christmas stories – and play some music.

I remember one year in the school chapel, our form and the one above us each picked a song to some up Christmas.

They picked It must be love by Madness. Loveliness.

Our class picked The power of love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Besides being a brilliant song, it has this Christmas story themed video.

Merry Christmas to whanau, friends and everyone. Take it easy.

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