Knights in white satin: Sister Jukebox

Colour me amazed that there isn’t a band called Knights in White Satin. There damn well should be.

You need this song in your life. It is OTT pop bombast at its apotheosis:
Nights in White Satin: The Moody Blues.

My sister’s imaginary video for this song might well include Michael Fassbender in a suit of armour. And, for a dash more music video literalism, some rolling round on white satin sheets.

Sister Jukebox: Love Reyne down on me

James Reyne. I’ve picked Fall of Rome as opposed to more well known Aussie Crawl number ‘Reckless’ for the nice guitar and vocal grind.

On re-watching the vid, I realise I had no idea he was wearing a white skivvy and a vest, visible white socks and boat shoes – and a mullet. 1987 ow.

Of course, us gals would prefer the tennis-shorted Reyney from Return to Eden – more snaky and lizard-like – the real Gordon Gekko.

Sister Jukebox: The Christmas edition

Back at school, we used to do re-enactments of the Easter and Christmas stories – and play some music.

I remember one year in the school chapel, our form and the one above us each picked a song to some up Christmas.

They picked It must be love by Madness. Loveliness.

Our class picked The power of love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Besides being a brilliant song, it has this Christmas story themed video.

Merry Christmas to whanau, friends and everyone. Take it easy.

Sister Jukebox part one

My sister had the great plan of sharing some classic tunes with me via the interworldweb.
Her first playlist:

  • land of confusion – genesis
  • making me high – toni braxton
  • never take the place of your man – prince
  • mistadobalina – del the funkee homosapien
  • do the right thing – redhead kingpin
  • love thy will be done – martika

Alas we found Spotify doesn’t work here in New Zealand, but there’s always Youtube.

My first selection for my lovely sis:

Ephraim Lewis – It can’t be forever. This one is seared into my memory – the combination of an intensely sung song, a voice that sweeps down to deep & dark territory, and a striking video. A quick spot of web research uncovers these two interesting pages:

  1. According to this article the song was written with Kevin Bacon (but not that one)
  2. and this feature tells a sad story about Lewis’ death.