Chairman Mao

Kia ora koutou

Haven’t been very “bloggy” lately, too many things and dramas on the boil. But in the interests of my manifesto of keeping it lite, I won’t go there.

When I was uni student, I nabbed my Dad’s copy of the iconic “little red book”. So am now reading Mao by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday. It is certainly not one of those lofty, impartial biographies – they are constantly making digs and petty insults. So far I have found these interesting factoids:

  • Mao didn’t wash for 25 + years
  • He had loads of wives, and chicks, and would cavort with them on a rather unsavoury looking camp stretcher covered in books
  • Was obsessed with his digestive system and bowels
  • He loved Mum, hated Dad (naturlich)

Spent yesterday on tour with the waiata group, singing our butts off in honour of Te Wiki o Te Maori. Did a tribute to “The Sound of Music” at Spreydon and Sockburn, singing on the stairs.